Week 9 MidWeek Check in

just peekin in to see how my friend is doin

How would you rate your week this far in terms of 
                       Family time?



I haven't been to every blog as school has me bogged down.
But here's a reminder.

I have heard that some1 made rude comments to some1 else. I haven't had a chance to get to the bottom of it but I would love some clarity.

Please email me at bigbutttheory(at)gmail(dot)com

We will get thru this. 
Just remember that everyone 
feels supported in their own way. 


Week 8 Review Week 9 Goals

Week 8 Review
Did you reach out to a friend in need?
Did you take care of yourself?
Did you hit your goals...?
What, if anything, would've made this week better?

Week 9 Goals

  • Fitness.... Are you logging enough cardio time? what kind of strength training are you doing...?
  • Food-....Do you plans your meals...? How many fruits and veggies do you shoot for daily?
  • Fun.... How will you have fun with this week....?
  • Friends... Are you giving support to others...? 

Week 9 Mini Challenge--- Up your exercise minutes---> Push yourself a bit more. I know that I need to. If you feel you can't add time.... up your intensity. The goal is to shake things up physically. 


Week 8 MidWeek Check in

Hope we all feel better than the little guy in the gif above...

Happy Hump Day to all....

How much exercise have you logged this week?
If you have a buddy, have you checked on them...?

Please share and let us know how you are doing.


Week 7 Review Week 8 Goals

Are the pieces starting to come together....?

Week 7 Review

  • How was the 7th week...?
  • Did you remain sweets free...?
  • How were your workouts?
  • How was your water consumption?
  • What do you think of the mini challenges?  
  • What did you do for yourself that was fun?

--- Week 8 Goals --- 
Please share how you will:
Be active...
Eat Right...
Find Support...
Have Fun...

Mini Challenge

Be a buddy... This is a touchy one sorta. Do you have a friend or family memberwho you think may need to be a bit more healthy. Invite them to do something fitness/health focused with you. This one is close to my heart because I had to get fit by myself for so long. NO one asked me to go on a walk, swim, or anything when I was heavy and not working towards better health. It feels awesome know to know that I am not alone. You could be that person to help someone else take the 1st step to better health.


Do you know these names...?

Do you know these ladies....
Please take a minute and google them.
I was super impressed and had to share.

Olga Kotelko

Eileen Philippa Raschker

Mary Stroebe


Week 7 MidWeek Check in

Peeking In
Glitters123.com | Checking In | Forward this Picture

Happy Hump Day to all....
How are the smaller plates going?
How much exercise have you logged this week?
If you have a buddy, have you check on them...?
Please share and let us know how you are doing.

Hope every one is doing well... and didn't eat ttoo much candy yesterday...


Week 6 Review Week 7 Goals

Sliding downhill and doing it so fast.

Week 6 Review

  • How many goals did you reach?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • Do you have any words of advice?

Week 7 Goals

  • Are you keeping them the same...?
  • Are you switching it up?
  • What has become like a habit?
MINI CHALLENGE.... Eat with smaller platers and/or utensils....


Post 2 the LINKY!!


Weight Loss Buddy (Updated)

I only counted 14 ladies who wanted buddies...
So I matched those 14 up using random.org.

Team 1


Erin's 6 Month Transformation

Team 2

Colies Kitchen

Miss Haneefa
Black Girl Gets Fit

Team 3

Downward Trenz

Cowgirl Warrior
WW for Life

Team 4

Desperate Student

Weight LOss Girl:The Road to Less Cake

Team 5

Losing It by 30

Thin Girl Breaking Free

Team 6

Overcoming my Sugar Addiction

My Escape from Baby Weight

Team 7

Blog Wobble
Blog Wobblr

A Glipse into Barb’s LIfe

If you want a buddy leave a comment.
Also... If you do not want to share your email with the entire group just email it to me at bigbutttheory(at)gmail(dot)com and I will forward it on to your new buddy.

Also share on the comments what you would like to experience with you new buddy, expectations, thoughts etc.


Week 6 MidWeek Check in

Heats Checking In

Glitters123.com | Checking In | Forward this Picture

How is everyone...?
I am still reading everyones blog so it takes me awhile.
I hope to have the buddy list done to match by Friday.

If  you could describe your week in one word what would it be?
Also... if you don't like your word what are you going to do to change it...?


Week 5 Review Week 6 Goals

And don't you ever forget it!!

Ok peeps... we hitting the middle week. Time to do what you have been doing only better. If you have called off the wagon... Dust your self off and get back on track..

Week 5 Review Probing Questions.

  • Best moment...?
  • Not so great moment....?
  • Any funny stories...?
  • Are you where you hoped you would be in this journey?
  • Tell why or why not?
  • Would you like a buddy for the last 6 weeks of the challenge...?
  • Anybody wanna chat online sometime...?

Week 6 Goals

Mini-Challenge: All water all week. Modify as necessary. I would float away and I have needed coffee just to be awake driving to and from work.

Post 2 the LINKY!!


Week 5 MidWeek Check in

Are you where you thought'd you'd be by this time...?
What have you done to make this week awesome?
What do you need form your fellow bloggers?
How is this week different than last week...?
Any ah-ha moments....?

Let's get it done....!

Don't Quit