Spring Chick Challenge Wrap up

You did it. You stuck to your guns. You accomplished what you set out to be. You are a spring chick... With more bounce in your step and a little less waddle in your walk.

What lessons have you learned?

What would you do differently?

How will you proceed from here?

What advice would you give someone about to join a weightless challenge group?

Please post final Spring Chick Challenge Post.


  1. Thanks for hosting Stormy! You did a great job keeping up with it all and I appreciate all your hard work.

  2. Thanks for hosting Stormy! I have to admit I failed terribly, but I am so very happy that so many succeeded. If you ever decide to do another challenge I would be up for it that goes for anyone doing a challenge please let me know. Unfortunately I didn’t have my head on straight and just couldn’t stick to it for some reason. I am sick of whatever that reason is… beside my head being the reason. It was so easy to put it off and not follow through. Now that my vacation is over I don’t have any excuses I can come up with. So I will try one more time….
    Once again Stormy thank you. I appreciate how hard you worked to keep everyone motivated and I appreciate the fact that you were diligent about checking in on everyone. I know it wasn’t easy and it was time consuming!! (((HUGS))) -Nicole @colieskitchen.com