168 hours but no time to work out...?

168 hours... that is how many hours are in a week.
How much can you spare for your health..?

You cannot afford to miss working out.
We all know about the benefits of daily exercise .
So how can you MAKE time to exercise in your week.

I made a workout time chart for the entire 2012. I want to exercise 10,000 or so minutes this year. This about 165hours... or a little bit more than 3 hours a week. To some that may sound like a lot but to others it is just a drop n bucket. I am starting January 2012 with a goal 500 minutes. Then each month after that I raise the bar by 50more minutes. My plan is to get to the end of the year with some real exercise time under my belt.

I know I will have obstacles and situations that arise, but I pray for the wisdom and support to be able to over come them.

Are you working out enough...? How much is enough.. well that is up to you.
The CDC recommendations vary based on your intensity level.

I know how busy so many of us are, but I also believe we have to make ourselves a priority.
So let's work together to help eliminate any excuses, barriers, etc. So that we can all give ourselves the gift of better health.

If you need/want help with working out a schedule. Let me know... I would love to help in any way possible. Email me  at bigbutttheory (at) gmail (dot) com .


  1. Making your workout a priority is the most important part! I actually put them in my calendar, because if I don't it is too easy to blow them off with an excuse. I still sometimes miss one, but not as often!

  2. I agree there is always time for exercise sure we do get busy on occasions.. weekends are my hardest but.. at least im busy out and walking around.. but if i can find an hour or 2 to watch TV.. I can find an hour or two to go the gym :) f

  3. Great reminder! And very sweet of you to offer to help us.

  4. 2.5 hours a week, yikes!!! Thats a strict guidline!!! Oh well. No slackers allowed I guess ;p

  5. I normally put in about 5 hours a week.