Weekly Mini-Challenges

Weekly challenges are small, yet challenging activities to try to also accomplish during the week. The 1st week their will not be a challenge and the challenge ideas listed below are in no particular order.

No dates are associated with these mini-challenges. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Week 2 "Non-Dominant hand" - If you’re right handed, put the fork in your left hand. You’ll slow down your eating pace considerably.

Week 3 "No Sweets" - No candy bars, no cookies, no ice cream. Anything that would be considers sweet and junk food. 

Week 4 Find a New Exercise-- It is very important to switch up your workout routine to properly challenge you muscles and mind. Si this week pick a new exercise and try it out. 

Week 5 Caffeine Free

Week 6 Only water all week.

Week 7 Eat with smaller utensils/plates etc.

Week 8 Be a buddy week.

Week 9 Up your exercise minutes

Week 10 New recipe

Week 11 Veggie & Fruit Frenzy


  1. Love these mini-challenges! great idea!

  2. I'm just finishing a challenge and need a bit of time before starting another one but I'd love to follow along with the mini challenges! Just found your blog and love it already :)

  3. great! I love weekly mini challenges