SCC Week 1 Check in & Week 2 Goals

So .... I know many of us have had our ups and downs but we are 9 days in to 2012. I look forward to hearing about your successes, your challenges, and your "a-ha" moments.

Things to discuss and/or consider...

  • What worked?
  • What didn't work?
  • What can you not wait to do again?
  • What are you never going to do again?
  • Discuss your biggest obstacles and how you over came them.
  • Did you receive enough support? Or do you need/ want more support?

Share what you feel comfortable.  Remember you are not alone & we can relate help and support as much as you would like and/or need.

So the next question is....
       What are your plans & goals for next week?  What steps will you take to achieve your short and long terms goals?

Lastly.... this weeks MiNi CHaLLenGe chosen via random pick is: 
Eat as many meals as you can with your non-dominant hand.  

Here is the link for the study aptly titled: The Pull of the Past: When Do Habits Persist Despite Conflict With Motives?
The study reports that ...just change the hand you eat with if we want to stop overeating, a new study suggests. Switching from your dominant to non-dominant hand when eating can reduce your food intake by up to 30 percent, researchers from the University of Souther California find. That’s enough to “disrupt the physical sequence of action that is in automatic eating,” says study author David Neal, Ph.D. Changing hands is a type of environmental change that can help alter ingrained habits, CNN reported Sept. 20. “The general idea is that relying on willpower and self-control is often not very effectual,” Neal says. “It doesn’t get people to change health behavior.”The study appears online in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
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  1. If I have trouble remembering to slow down, I don't think I'll be able to remember to eat with my right hand. LOL

  2. Do I need to do something I haven't to get on this challenge blogroll??? :s

  3. The week's almost over. Thank God! I'm so tired and I need a break. I've not been getting enough sleep this week, which has thrown my workouts off. I totally missed Tuesday and now since I didn't workout this morning today will be a struggle. I workout in the mornings becasue after work I just want to chill out. Today I'll have to chill out after hitting the gym. Gotta get my sexy back...Gotta get my sexy back...that's what I'm gonna chant on the drive home. I hope it works.