Week 4 Mid-Week Check in..

Have you tried a new exercise yet...?
Please share your experience...

Also how has your week gone so far?
Any bumps in the road?

Any good news/stuff you wanna share..

The link will be open until Sunday at midnight.
If you haven't written a post about you or don't plan on blogging about it. Just leave a comment.
I can't wait to hear about everyone's experience.


  1. Feeling positive so far this week! And I just ordered a skipping rope for my new exercise! I feel sorry for my neighbours...

  2. This week I have started Jillian Michaels' Shred It With Weights, and it is AWESOME!

  3. I've been doing the sumo squat and feeling it in my legs! Woooo! Time to get toned!

  4. This isn't really related to this post, but Stormy, could you update my blog in the blogroll? I moved and redesigned my blog and now Faith & Fitness: Living Healthy for Him is at www.livinghealthyforhim.blogspot.com


  5. CIRCUIT TRAINING!!! OMG I didn't know a body could feel this much pain and so much euphoria at the same time!

  6. Hope you guys don't mind but I would love to jump in on this challenge. I know it's long started, but I think we all know we could use the support... I definitely could! =)

  7. I was hoping to try Zumba but the class was cancelled, I might be able to make one tomorrow and I'm trying to organize a trial Crossfit class as well. And.....when I was doing a boxfit class last week, part of the warm up was jumping rope and I actually enjoyed it and worked up a sweat. I think I'm going to buy a rope, it's something I can do anywhere, anytime. Will keep you posted on my blog.

  8. My new exercise will be jumping rope. I purchased it more than a year ago and just found it In the corner of my garage. I used it, and I actually love it.

  9. I have got to find something to remind me about the mid week check-ins!

    I tried doing squats when we come to the benches where we walk. I don't know that it's made a difference but at least it adds something to the walk that is different! I also started a 'learn to run' program.