Week 5 MidWeek Check in

Are you where you thought'd you'd be by this time...?
What have you done to make this week awesome?
What do you need form your fellow bloggers?
How is this week different than last week...?
Any ah-ha moments....?

Let's get it done....!


  1. My ah ha moment is happening right now as I realized that I never did my SCC check in with last weeks results and this weeks goals.

    This week has been pivotal for me and I hit a HUGE milestone - I've officially lost more than 50% of my goal. That in itself is my awesomeness. I can't even contain how happy and excited I am, I seriously just want to cry. (Good cry).

    Hope everyone else is having really fantastic weeks!

  2. I think I need people to be meaner to me! I'm just letting things slide a bit on the food side! So remind me to track people! :D

  3. Way to go Erin!! Congrats!!! Emily, have you tried myfitnesspal? I set up an alarm on my phone to remind me to track :) This weeks awesomeoness: I have logged 8 workouts already this week! (my challenge is to log 122 workouts by the end of the challenge- a workout being a session of turbofire, an ab workout, a jog etc- basically an hour to 2 hours of workout time a day) I need to update my count to see where I am in the big picture, but so far so good! And I recently met a huge goal of getting back into the 120s! Last weeks weigh in: 129.8 lbs!! WHOOHOO!

    1. Yes! just started this month and it's going really well so far! Thanks (emmy2468 - username)

  4. I am eating more homemade meals but feeling very overwhelmed and distracted. I need a better after work schedule. That I was I need to do for myself before the weekend is over. I also need to hide my scale and just do the things I know I need to do.

  5. Absolutely a non runner could train for a half marathon in 11 months, it's all about walk/ run intervals. Check out Jeff Galloway training.

  6. I am trying to get my personal and emotional house in order so I can re-focus on my health. So easy to let it slip away!