Week 7 MidWeek Check in

Peeking In
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Happy Hump Day to all....
How are the smaller plates going?
How much exercise have you logged this week?
If you have a buddy, have you check on them...?
Please share and let us know how you are doing.

Hope every one is doing well... and didn't eat ttoo much candy yesterday...


  1. I forgot to post my Monday check in so I am doing monday and midweek all in one!! http://www.colieskitchen.com/2012/02/spring-chick-challenge-midweek-update.html

  2. I've been using the smaller plates for over a year now so that is still going just fine. And it really does work! As long as I don't fill it up more than the one time. LOL I've been out every day, as usual, to walk with two of the days being training for running. Probably need to add some other exercise in but haven't. I don't have a buddy but if someone still needs one I would love to have one!

  3. I am late, I am late... but better late then never.

    i am struggling with eating out to much this week. Exercising is going well however, yeah!

    I am trying to eat slower this week (I am a rebel and had to change up the challenge thing). And that is going well, sometimes I forget and catch myself eating to fast, but when I do slow down I notice a difference. I feel fuller, the food taste different. It has been a good challenge for me.