Week 7 Review Week 8 Goals

Are the pieces starting to come together....?

Week 7 Review

  • How was the 7th week...?
  • Did you remain sweets free...?
  • How were your workouts?
  • How was your water consumption?
  • What do you think of the mini challenges?  
  • What did you do for yourself that was fun?

--- Week 8 Goals --- 
Please share how you will:
Be active...
Eat Right...
Find Support...
Have Fun...

Mini Challenge

Be a buddy... This is a touchy one sorta. Do you have a friend or family memberwho you think may need to be a bit more healthy. Invite them to do something fitness/health focused with you. This one is close to my heart because I had to get fit by myself for so long. NO one asked me to go on a walk, swim, or anything when I was heavy and not working towards better health. It feels awesome know to know that I am not alone. You could be that person to help someone else take the 1st step to better health.

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